About Ayurveda Therapies

Santhigram Wellness Centers offer authentic Kerala specific Ayurvedic and Panchakarma therapies to suit your specific health and wellness needs.

The “Ayurveda wellness therapies” that Santhigram offers will help reduce the physical suffering, to a great extent, control several dreaded disabilities, ward off middle age syndrome, retard the aging process and provide unlimited curative powers for the body and mind. Ayurveda helps repair worn out tissues, increase memory, improve energy in the body and helps improve overall physical and mental fitness.

Details of some of the therapies shown below include:

Abhyangam (Uzhichil)
Oil Massage with medicated oils to rejuvenate the body and strengthen all the tissues to help achieve ideal health and longevity.

Benefits of Abhyangam:
  • helps tone muscles
  • improves circulation
  • increases the skin’s luster – making you appear younger
  • rejuvenates the body and strengthens all the tissues to help achieve ideal health and longevity
  • increases primary vitality (Ojas) and resistance
  • beneficial to the eyes
  • helps you have a good night’s sleep
  • effective in reducing the symptoms of rheumatism
  • can help control fat
  • reduces sagging skin
  • reduces stress

 Pizhichil (Oil bath with gentle body massage)
Oil bath with gentle body massage that treats muscle spasms and other degenerative diseases. Relaxes your mind and body.

The ultimate therapy with the constant flow of warm oil which is slowly and gently applied to your whole body.

Benefits of Pizhichil:
  • makes you feel peaceful, calm and relaxed
  • treats muscle spasms and other degenerative diseases that affect the muscles

Shirodhara (Sirodhara)
A steady stream of warm aromatic oils that provide lasting relief from psychosomatic disorders and soothes your body and mind. Using a special device to flow rhythmically across the forehead, This usually accompanies Abhyangam.
Benefits of Shirodhara:
  • calms the mind and soothes the nervous system
  • induces a feeling of profound peace and happiness
  • used for treating various psychosomatic disorders, insomnia, chronic cold, sinusitis, etc.

Svedana (Swedana)
An herbal steam treatment to release impurities from the skin and soothe aching muscles and joints.
Benefits of Svedana:
  • helps soothe painful, sore or aching muscles and joints
  • improves blood circulation
  • improves complexion

Medicated leaves used to treat a variety of degenerative ailments and arthritis.

A type of sudation therapy using medicated leaves. The proportion of ingredients varies according to the disease symptoms.

Benefits of Elakizhi:

  • treats conditions such as joint pain, muscle cramps, rheumatoid arthritis
  • treats all sorts of degenerative ailments

Navarakizhi (Njavarakizhi)
An herbal fomentation of the body for treating malnutrition and muscle atrophy. Linen bags containing a mixture of milk and herbs are used to apply the treatment.
Benefits of Navarakizhi:
  • effectively treats muscle atrophy and hemiplegia
  • used to treat diseases related to malnutrition

Sirovasthi (Shirovasti)
A medicated oil therapy applied on the head to treat facial paralysis, insomnia and mental stress.

With this therapy, a leather sleeve is tied over the patient’s head and medicated oil is poured into the sleeve. The oil can remain on the head for a specific duration, depending on the severity of the diseased condition.

Benefits of Sirovasthi:

  • effective in disorders such as facial paralysis, insomnia and other diseases related to mental stress.

A rejuvenating oil treatment; the most important of all the therapies in Panchakarma – effective for degenerative ailments and digestive disorders.

This is an Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy that involves an invigorating head massage followed by herbal steam inhalation and the application of hot towels.

Herbal nasal drops are then administered to loosen, melt and release mucus from the sinus passages.

Benefits of Nasyam:

  • Helps alleviate problems of excess mucus and blocked sinuses

Vasti (Vasthi)
A rejuvenating oil treatment, the most important of all the therapies in Panchakarma – effective for degenerative ailments and digestive disorders.

Vasthi is the most important of all the rejuvenating therapies in Panchakarma. It involves the introduction of herbs and oils by a process known as Vasthi Yantra. It is the treatment for Vata predominant diseases. It is an excellent treatment to help balance all the doshas. This medicated oil mixture is injected into the colon using a special instrument- the Vasti Netra (enema nozzle).
Benefits of Vashti:
  • effectively treats conditions such as sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis and other degenerative ailments
  • treats health problems like colic, kidney stones, afflictions of the spleen and many other diseases caused by a Vata imbalance.

Udvartanam (Udwarthanam)
Fine medicinal powder is used in a whole-body massage to enliven and energize the body.
Benefits of Udvartanam:
  • widely recommended for treating obesity
  • helps to promote better digestion
  • improves the health and luster of the skin
  • helps makes muscles firmer
  • increases circulation

Shirodhara (Sirodhara), Svedana (Swedana), Elakizhi, Navarakizhi (Njavarakizhi), Sirovasthi (Shirovasti), Nasyam, Vasti (Vasthi) are normally not administered as individual treatment. They are usually combined with Uzhichil (Abhyanga).


Ayurvedic and Panchakarma Therapies help alleviate various pains and disorders. These treatments offered by Santhigram are based on a consultation with one of our Ayurvedic Consultants. To determine the bets Ayurveda therapies for you, please make an appointment to have a consultation with an Ayurvedic Consultant prior to scheduling an appointment for one of our services.

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