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Fill Your Life with Energy & Vitality

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Ayurvedic Approach To Seasonal Allergies

Tackle Seasonal Allergies in the Ayurvedic Way  How many of life’s pleasantries are lost to you because of constant runny nose or an asthma attack? How many flowers have left you wondering about their smell because to sniff one would … Read more

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Benefit of vegetarian and Ayurvedic diet in the modern world

Have you ever contemplated on the fact that your lifestyle has a direct impact on your well being? Yes, many of us are of course aware about it, but unwilling to change ourselves and are taking things for granted. Unknowingly … Read more

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The Natural Journey to Cure

“Prevention is better than cure” – This phrase is widely popular. Though this commonplace wisdom holds true for every facet of our lives, these words attain true significance in what matters the most – our health. Modern medicine has taken … Read more

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Spa Franchise Opportunities by Santhigram

Santhigram offers low cost spa franchise opportunities in which initial franchise fee to join the Santhigram Franchise network is kept very low at $35000.
Read more

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Shirodhara – A Stress-Buster Therapy to Rejuvenate You

Shirodhara is an effective stress buster therapy that deeply relaxes the nervous system, calms the mind, facilitates better brain function and lowers metabolism. Read more

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Obesity: Symptoms & Causes And The Ayurvedic View

Ayurvedic treatment for obesity targets the root cause and focuses on improving metabolism and cutting down on unhealthy foods. Read more

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Ayurvedic Treatment’s Growing Reputation For Treating Chronic Ailments

Ayurvedic treatment is now being considered seriously for therapeutic and pharmacological management of chronic ailments and conditions. Read more

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Abhayangam – The Effective Oil Massage Therapy

Abhyangam increases the production of white blood corpuscles & antibodies, providing protection against viruses and diseases. Read more

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Treatments For Asthma: Effective Ayurveda

Treatments For Asthma: According to Ayurveda, Asthma is mainly caused by imbalanced Kapha Dosha while Pitta Dosha causes cardiac Asthma. Read more

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