Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda Launches its Seventh Wellness Center in the USA at Queens, New York

Queens, NY | March 27, 2013

Professor Dr. Sreedhar Kavil appreciated services of Dr. Ambika Nair, the Chief Consultant of Santhigram. He noted from his personal experience, the extra ordinary abilities she had shown in diagnosing and treating a case not picked up by modern diagnostic tools.He emphasized the need to propagate alternative medicine like Ayurveda in this country and to have an integrated approach in treating patients, when modern medical system alone cannot provide side-effect-free treatment.Dr. James M. Dallas who also runs a Transcendental Meditation Center and is associated with Maharishi Ayurveda went to the extent of telling “that Ayurveda being the oldest known medical system should have been the main medical system and others as alternative medical systems”.

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