Warming soups are perfect for the winter day , and also is the most nutritious and filling food for weight loss goals. Most modern diets are extreme and leave most of us in a complete state of imbalance. Incorprating complete meals like this horsegram soup , helps with weight loss and provides a balance nutrition.

Horse gram soup:

1. Horse gram : 3 tspns
2. Celery :1 stick
3. Bottle guard:1/4 cup
4. Squash/yellow pumpkin :1/4 cup
5. Garlic :2 cloves
6. Salt :to taste
7. Pepper : to taste
8. Cumin: 1/2tsp
9. Coconut oil/olive oil : 2 tspn
10. Vegetable stock/ bone broth .

Method :
1. Add oil add the cumin , garlic, celery , saute for a minute. Add the vegetables and saute for a minute
2. Add the horse gram add the seasoning , and also the broth and slow cook till the horsegram turns soft.
3. If you like it chunky you can adjust to have the same else you can blend it well and have it nice and warm .

This is an easy one pot delicious soup is your perfect answer for a healthy weight loss alternative.

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